Order Guide

Bobbleheads specification:

    Material: high quality soft polymer clay

    Weight: 300 Gram or so for single one,600 Gram or so for double

Height: 6.5 to 7.5 inch for normal bobbleheads. You may custom special size according to your needs.

Making time: normal 3 to 4 weeks,you can upgrade into rush order with additional fees. Please refer to the link https://www.bobbleheadslikeme.com/Rush-order-c60578/

Features: Strong modelling ability, waterproofactually brighter,true 3D likeness.

Base diameter: The diameter for single one is 2.6 inch or so . The diameter for double is 4.3 inch or so .It is suitable for general cake topper.

Easy to place order 1 2 3

   No.1 ,Go through my web shop at all section and have a look if there is one or two model(s) you like.  If not,you can write down to me the pose and gesture you want,I will design it according to your idea.

No.2, Select the Customization plan by clicking on the function box behind the customization plan,I provide two plans for you, one is pre-made custom,the other one is fully custom.

            Pre-made custom means that you may just change the head section into yours’ emoticon photo, body section keeps the same to the current model.

            Fully custom means that you can custom the new bobbleheads form  head to toes .

   No.3,Add the custom plan and the quantity to your cart and pay for it .Then send your pictures to me by the conversation box.If you could not operate it well,you may contact with me,we still can deliver pictures by Email.

           my Email is:bobbleheadslikeme@hotmail.com

Mterial needed 

Let’s confirm the following issues as follows.

1.About the head section,do you want to shaking head or Stationary head.  shaking head  means head will shake in different directions if you touch the head. Stationary head means just keep the Stationary status if you touch the head.

2.About the base,I usually make the base into round shape so that it can suitable for almost cake,if you want  to make other shape,pls tell me. Meanwhile,what color do you want to choose for the base?  Common colors are white, red, black and gray,if you want to use other color,pls tell me!

3.About the head photo and hair style, Please try to provide a clear and positive and smile with teeth. Try to provide a side photograph of your hair. Please choose one head photo for each one, this picture will be formed into the bobbleheads’  emoticon ,so it is very important.

4.About the outfits,

    If you choose Pre-made body custom,can ignore the choice of clothing style and color.

    If you choose head to toes custom,  Please specify the color and style of clothes and shoes. You may choose  outfits same to my model or send me a picture you like.

5.About the pose and gesture,

    One way, just same to the model.

    The other way, Identify clearly the gestures and postures you need, you’d better send me a picture in your own style or coming from other internet.

6.About the color selection for hair ,eyes and skin, please according to my color chart and write down the color code for each one,like H2,E5,S6. I will send you the trade standard color card to you after placed order.

Please write out the answers to each question in numerical order so that we can check and revise them. Please seriously consider determining each question. Once  enter the making process, it will not be able to change the requirements. Because it's all manual, some processes are irreversible. Maybe a minor modification will result in a redo of the whole head or body. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

How to use bobbleheads:

   Everyone wants their big day-birthday or anniversary  day to be unique and memorable. One you receive the bobbleheads, you can put them on the cake. This is the smaller version of you.

In addition, you can also place it on the desk or in the window of your home or office. Once you see it, good memories will be displayed in your own eyes.

Due to fully handmade custom, our bobbleheads are in a class by itself.

Special reminder:

About Pictures: The clearer the picture is, the more similar the dolls will be.

Because it's totally handicraft, for some specific logos, I will adopt industry standards and transfer method to print logo to the right place.

With regard to similarity, due to the influence of picture sharpness and full manual engraving and production time, I can not guarantee that 100% of my dolls are the same as real people, but my similarity can reach more than 99%. I will strive for perfection. But if you pay too much attention to perfection, please order carefully.

With regard to packaging and transportation, we use high quality corrugated cartons as outer packaging to reduce the risk that the dolls will be crushed in transit. After the production of the dolls, I use fast shipping, DHL, TNT, Fedex, EMS, and so on. Most countries generally receive them in 3 to 7 working days.

When you place an order, please pay attention to your email dynamics in time. In the process of production, I will contact you frequently to get confirmation. Only in this way can we proceed to the next step. Without your confirmation and permission, the production will stay there temporarily. When you want to get it urgently, it will cause time delay.

Free step proof, my production process is to first make the head, then make the body, then bake separately, after stereotyping assembly. There are at least three major step validations, namely, when the head is made, the body is made, and the whole effect is assembled. Before the head and body are not baked, if there are inappropriate places, they can be modified. On the contrary, it can not be modified again after baking. At this point, the modification means redo, and redo will cost again. Therefore, please take each step of verification seriously.