About Us

Polymer clay/Soft pottery, also known as plastic clay, originated in Europe. The translation introduced from Taiwan in the 1980s was soft pottery. 

The translation introduced from the mainland in the 1990s was plastic clay, meaning plastic clay. It is not pottery, it is a kind of PVC artificial low-temperature polymer material, which looks like rubber mud, is close to plastic in essence, has a more vivid modeling ability, and is one of the professional sculpture materials.

As a post-80s generation, when I was in primary school, I had an occasional chance to see this material in my classmates. I couldn't help making some shapes. As a result, I could really make different colors and very realistic effects. This is undoubtedly a great desire for me to like painting. In our childhood, the most important thing was to make clay figurines or pottery bowls out of a kind of mud. In the course of my later schooling, I loved painting very much and exchanged knowledge of soft pottery with my teacher. After graduating from school, I started making dolls in my studio and then offering them to supermarkets or art markets.

Now we have built one team for making bobbleheads,we all are interested in making bobbleheads.we have always made a lot of dolls for Chinese and foreign friends that they are satisfied with, but our contact scope is very limited. It is better for us to open a shop on internet to meet more people, better display my talent, while the guests enjoy themselves, also enhance my own value.

So we opened our store in May 2019, named Bobbleheadslikeme, which means a doll like me in Chinese. We hope you support me a lot. We will certainly live up to your trust and use my solid foundation to show the best quality works.
Thank you!